Prof. Chunhai FAN honored with the Shanghai Science Popularization Outstanding Individual Award
Date: 2024-03-31

Recently, the 12th Shanghai Popular Science Education Innovation Award ceremony was held at the Shanghai Children's Theatre, where individuals and organizations making outstanding contributions to the popularization of science were recognized. Prof. Chunhai FAN, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Dean of the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, was honored with the Science Popularization Outstanding Individual Award.


Prof. Chunhai FAN previously served as Director of the Science Popularization Committee of the Shanghai Committee of the China Association for Science and Technology (CAST), and currently serves as Chairman of the 5th Council of the Shanghai Association of Science and Technology Volunteers. He deeply understands that science popularization activities are organized to meet the public's need for science dissemination and to cultivate an environment conducive to technological innovation. He believes that "science popularization is a form of inheritance, whether it is exploring the unknown world or promoting the country's scientific and technological development, it requires the efforts of generations."

As a renowned scientist, Prof. Chunhai FAN leads by example, actively sharing scientific stories. He shared the "Health Concepts from Nobel Laureates" at the Jiusan Society Citizens' Self-improvement Lecture Hall in Jiading District. He participated in the "Face-to-Face with Academicians" event at Jinshan High School in Shanghai Dream Theater, delivering a presentation on the theme of "Writing DNA." He actively advocates for enhancing the participation and outreach of scientists in science popularization activities, urging both veteran scientists and the new generation to play a role in meeting the public's demand for understanding and knowledge of science.

Prof. Chunhai FAN emphasizes the importance of telling compelling scientific stories and highlights the interaction between scientific philosophy and science and society in science popularization activities. His views and ideas demonstrate the innovativeness of science popularization activities. By introducing concepts from scientific philosophy, he broadens the perspective of science, making science popularization activities more speculative and profound.

Shanghai Popular Science Education Innovation Award

Shanghai Popular Science Education Innovation Award, established by the Shanghai Science Education Development Foundation in 2012, is the first comprehensive science popularization award in China funded by social forces, and the first municipal-level science popularization award in Shanghai. The Science Popularization Outstanding Individual Award, with only two winners per session, is awarded to individuals who have long been engaged in science education, science popularization, science management, health science popularization, or other science public welfare projects in the city, particularly those who have significantly enhanced citizens' scientific literacy, disseminated and applied scientific research findings, wielded extensive influence, and yielded notable social or economic benefits, while also demonstrating typical and representative accomplishments in science popularization projects.

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