A candidate from SCCE excelled in the finals of the First National College Student Career Planning Competition Shanghai Division.
Date: 2024-02-07


Recently, the First National College Student Career Planning Competition, Shanghai Division, went to the finals. Yanxi LIU, a student majoring in Chemistry from the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering (SCCE), clinched the championship in the Growth Track Finals and won the second place in the Championship Qualifying Round. Xuefeng MA, the guiding teacher, was recognized as the Outstanding Mentor.

The theme of this competition is "Dreaming Youth: Aspiring in All Directions and Charting Career Courses into the Future". Since the event's launch in September 2023, it has guided college students in designing their academic and career development, instilling a positive attitude, enhancing comprehensive abilities, and improving competitiveness in the job market. The competition achieves the goals of "learning through competition, teaching through competition, and guiding careers through competition."

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This competition attracted over one hundred thousand students who registered to participate. Through rigorous preliminary selections, a total of 90 contestants advanced to the finals. In the city-level finals, Yanxi LIU shared her research aspirations, career planning, and growth experience as a student in the Fundamental Chemistry program, with the theme "Contributing to the Country through Scientific Research and Marching Forward Together". Starting from her passion for the chemistry discipline, she strategically planned developmental paths at different time points, aiming to become a researcher in the fundamental disciplines of a university. After intense competition, a total of 12 contestants were awarded the gold medal. Yanxi LIU achieved second place in the gold medal qualifying round with outstanding performance.

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Introduction to Yanxi LIU

Yanxi LIU, an undergraduate student from SCCE enrolled in 2021, aspires to become a scientist, carrying forward the "XiaGuang Spirit." She has a clear goal, a well-defined plan, and takes practical actions. With outstanding academic achievements, Yanxi LIU has received the National Scholarship, the Shanghai Municipal Scholarship and several awards in various subject competitions. Under the guidance of her tutor Prof. Xuzhou YAN, she actively engages in research, improving her academic ability. She was the project leader of a student research project and participated in the CURE project. In the future, she is determined to pursue fundamental scientific research. She aims to make breakthroughs in the preparation and structure-property relationships of supramolecular polymers, contributing to the understanding and innovative applications of such polymers.


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