Jiangsu Guotai Fund Awards Ceremony was held in Shanghai Jiao Tong University.
Date: 2024-04-17


On April 17th, 2024, Jiangsu Guotai Fund Awards Ceremony was held at the C5 conference room of the National Facility for Translational Medicine, Minhang Campus, Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU). Among the attendees were Prof. Zhaoguo ZHANG, Vice President of SJTU, Prof. Chunhai FAN, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Dean of the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering (SCCE), Ziyan ZHANG, Chairman of Guotai Group, Bin ZHANG, Director and Co-President of Guotai Group, and alumni of SCCE, Yushen WANG, Director of SJTU Development and Liaison Office, Secretary-General of SJTU Education Development Foundation, Yingqiang WU, Secretary of the Party Committee of SCCE, Zhe CHEN, Deputy Director of SJTU Student Affairs Department, and Yi LI, Deputy Director of SJTU Development and Liaison Office, Vice Secretary-General of SJTU Education Development Foundation, as well as leaders and representatives of Jiangsu Guotai Group and SCCE. The ceremony was presided over by Yingqiang WU.


Prof. Chunhai FAN delivered a welcome speech on behalf of SCCE. He introduced the history and development of SCCE, as well as its recent achievements in faculty, talent cultivation, infrastructure, and disciplinary construction. He expressed gratitude to Jiangsu Guotai Group for its support in the development of SCCE. He pointed out that since the signing of the cooperation agreement, the two sides have deepened their cooperation through the platform of the Joint Research Center for New Energy and New Materials, achieving significant results through practical measures. Looking towards the future, he hoped that both sides would continue to deepen their cooperative relationship, broaden the scope of cooperation, and adhere to the basic principles of complementation, sharing, and mutual benefit, to jointly promote the high-level industry-academia-research integration and transformation, and explore the development of new productive forces, empowering and enhancing efficiency for high-quality development on both sides.


In accordance with the principles of fairness, impartiality, transparency, 31 young teachers were awarded the "Jiangsu Guotai Scholars" title, and 30 students received the "Jiangsu Guotai Scholarship." Yingqiang WU called upon the award-winning faculty and students to continue their hard work, dedicate themselves to diligent research, cultivate a sense of role model, and strive for new and better achievements.


Ziyan ZHANG and Zhaoguo ZHANG presented certificates to the teacher representatives who received the "Jiangsu Guotai Scholars" award.


Bin ZHANG and Chunhai FAN presented certificates to the student representatives who received the "Jiangsu Guotai Scholarship".


In his speech, Ziyan ZHANG expressed gratitude for the thoughtful arrangements made by SCCE and congratulated the award-winning faculty and students. He introduced the development history, strategic layout, and development direction of Jiangsu Guotai Group, emphasizing its unwavering commitment to high-quality and sustainable development. He highlighted the strategy of strengthening the enterprise through talent, smoothing channels for employee advancement, and promoting mutual development of employees and the company. He welcomed more outstanding students to join the Jiangsu Guotai Group family, achieving resonance between personal growth and corporate development. Finally, he expressed his hope for both sides to work together to explore more cooperation paths, promote stable, pragmatic, and long-term exchange and cooperation, and jointly create a new scenario of high-quality development.


On behalf of the university, Zhaoguo ZHANG expressed gratitude for the generous donation from Jiangsu Guotai International Group and extended congratulations to the award-winning faculty and students. He emphasized that SJTU adheres to the principle of putting students and faculty first, striving to giving outstanding young scholars stages and to ensuring students enjoy maximum "value-added education." Achieving this goal would not be possible without the strong support of enterprises. The establishment of the Jiangsu Guotai Fund serves as a perfect testament to the collaboration between the university and the industry in nurturing talents. He looked forward to further expanding cooperation between both parties, providing talent and technological innovation support for the development of new productive forces and mutual empowerment. He hoped that the award-winning faculty and students would uphold the university motto of "When you drink from the stream remember the spring.  Love your country and add credit to your alma mater." and remember the mission of "Choosing Shanghai Jiao Tong University is choosing responsibility."


After the awards ceremony, a scientific research cooperation symposium was held on-site, where both parties engaged in in-depth discussions on the progress of ongoing research projects and the directions of future cooperation. Both sides highly agreed to further strengthen exchanges and cooperation, conducting multi-level and in-depth cooperation in scientific and technological innovation, transformation, talent cultivation and other areas, working together to achieve win-win development. Both sides aimed to contribute to serving national strategies and to accelerate the development of new productive forces by pooling the resources of the university and the enterprise.

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