SCCE celebrated the naming of the Xu Mingcai Hall.
Date: 2024-01-24

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On December 27, 2023, the naming ceremony for the "Xu Mingcai Hall" was held at the Xiaguang Building, Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU). XU's family members including Lilun XU, Lizhuang XU, Liyun XU, Qing LU and leaders of SJTU and SCCE including Ansheng ZHANG, SJTU vice president, Yingqiang WU, party secretary of the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering (SCCE), Qijin OU, deputy director of the Archives and Museums Management Center and director of the university history museum, Liqiang ZHANG, deputy director of the Alumni Association office, Yi LI, deputy director of the Development and Liaison Office and deputy secretary-general of the Education Development Foundation, Kaixue WANG and Shuyu ZHANG, deputy deans of SCCE, Wenfan YAN and Huabo WANG, deputy party secretaries of SCCE, and other attendees participated in the activity. The ceremony was chaired by Huabo WANG.


Yingqiang WU extended a warm welcome and heartfelt gratitude on behalf of SCCE to XU’s family members and the guests. He first reviewed the historical background of the establishment of the Chemistry Department, as well as the outstanding contributions made by Prof. Mingcai XU in education, scientific research, and industrial development at SJTU. He stated that in the 95 years since the establishment of SJTU, significant progress has been made in various undertakings through the collective efforts of faculty, students and alumni, steadily advancing towards the goal of international excellence and domestic leadership. He pointed out that the naming ceremony will further strengthen the cultural identity and sense of belonging among faculty and students, enhance cohesion and inspire everyone to face challenges with determination under the guidance of Prof. Mingcai XU's spirit, collectively creating the brilliant new chapter of SCCE.


Mr. Lilun XU, the grandson of Prof. Mingcai XU, served as the representative of the family and shared the intention behind the donation. He first expressed gratitude to SJTU for strong support for this event. He stated that over the past century, more than 11 members of the XU family have graduated from SJTU. The naming of the "Xu Mingcai Hall" holds significant importance for both the Xu family and SJTU. It not only highlights the deep and longstanding connection and friendship between the XU family represented by Prof. Mingcai XU and SJTU, but also embodies the genuine spirit of gratitude and giving back to the alma mater, as demonstrated by the 1941 alumnus Mr. Shiyuan XU. Lilun Xu reviewed Prof. Mingcai XU 's educational career and outstanding contributions at SJTU from three perspectives: "Educating and Cultivating Talents," "Establishing the Chemistry Department," and "Founding the School in Chongqing." Finally, on behalf of the XU family, he expressed the commitment to continue promoting the family values of the XU family “emphasizing education and love for SJTU”. He hoped that SJTU would carry forward its legacy, nurture more outstanding talents for the country, and achieve new brilliance.


Yingqiang WU and Lilun XU, representing the SCCE and the XU family respectively, jointly unveiled the plaque for the "Xu Mingcai Hall." 


Ansheng ZHANG, on behalf of SJTU, presented Xu Lilun with a donation certificate and a certificate of appreciation.


Ansheng ZHANG expressed heartfelt gratitude in his speech on behalf of SJTU for the generous donation from Shiyuan XU and his relatives. He congratulated the successful holding of the naming ceremony. He mentioned that the XU family is deeply connected to SJTU, with a strong bond between Prof. Mingcai XU and his descendants and the university. The family's traditions and profound sentiments toward the university are something to be cherished permanently. Ansheng ZHANG pointed out that the present achievements of SJTU are inseparable from the hard work of predecessors like Prof. Mingcai XU. He emphasized the importance of tracing the footsteps of these predecessors, inheriting the spirit of patriotism and pride in the alma mater embodied by these pioneers. He expressed the hope that the university would further refine the precious spirit of Prof. Mingcai XU, establish a distinctive cultural and educational brand, inspire faculty and students to be pioneers, pursue excellence, and make significant contributions to the country and the world.


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