Huayi Group Scholarship Award Ceremony Held Grandly
Date: 2023-12-07

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On December 6th, Shanghai HuaYi Group Scholarship Award Ceremony was grandly held at the C5 Conference Room of the National Facility of Translational Medicine at the Minhang Campus of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU). Attending the ceremony were GU Lili, Party Secretary and Chairman of HuaYi Group, LIU Wenjie, Party Committee Member and Vice President of HuaYi Group, LUO Yong, General Manager of HuaYi Group's Technology Department, SUN Aiying, Director of HuaYi Group's Human Resources and Administration Center, LIN Litao, Deputy Party Secretary of SJTU, WU Yingqiang, Party Secretary of the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering (SCCE), WANG Yushen, Deputy Director of the Student Affairs Office, LI Yi, Deputy Director of the Development and Liaison Office and Deputy Secretary-General of the Education Development Foundation, ZHANG Shuyu, Vice Dean of SCCE, as well as guests, faculties and award-winning students from HuaYi Group and SCCE. The ceremony was presided over by Huabo WANG, Deputy Party Secretary of SCCE.

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WU Yingqiang delivered a welcoming speech on behalf of SCCE. He provided an overview of the historical development of SCCE and emphasized the longstanding strategic exchange and cooperation between SCCE and HuaYi Group. Both sides share a commitment to fostering innovation, cultivating outstanding talents in the field of chemistry, promoting the development of the chemical industry, and contributing to the modernization drive. He underscored that the establishment of the "HuaYi Group Scholarship" not only reflects HuaYi Group's broad philanthropy, social responsibility, and dedication to talent development, but also provides support for the cultivation of innovative talents in the SCCE, further expanding the platform for collaborative exchanges between the two entities.


WANG Huabo reported on the evaluation of HuaYi Group Scholarship for the 2022-2023 academic year. In accordance with the "HuaYi Group Scholarship Donation Agreement", SCCE established a specific review panel. A total of 28 scholarship recipients and 10 financial aid recipients were selected through the comprehensive evaluation process. WANG Huabo then announced the list of award-winning students.

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GU Lili and LIN Litao presented certificates to the representative students who received awards, and they took a group photo to commemorate the occasion.

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WANG Yushen and LI Yi expressed their gratitude to HuaYi Group by presenting the Certificate of Appreciation and student thank-you notes, conveying the heartfelt appreciation of each award-winning student.


Representatives of the award-winning students, including Ph.D. student ZHANG Yuxuan, undergraduate student HAN Yunxi, and Ph.D. student OUYANG Zhaofeng, delivered speeches. They expressed that the HuaYi Group Scholarship is not only an honor but also an encouragement and motivation for the awardees. The students extended heartfelt thanks SCCE for its cultivation and HuaYi Group for their support and affirmation, and expressed that they would integrate the values of HuaYi Group, "Unity of knowledge and action, Eternity of virtue and quality", with the spirit of SCCE, known as "XiaGuang Spirit". They promised to stay true to their original aspirations, continue striving, and fulfill through practical actions their mission and responsibilities in scientific research for the development of the country and the society.

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WU Yingqiang presented Career Mentor Appointment Certificates to LIU Wenjie, LUO Yong and SUN Aiying. HuaYi Group will continue to strengthen career guidance for students, enhancing their awareness of career planning and core competitiveness in employment and entrepreneurship.

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GU Lili delivered a guest speech, expressing that SJTU, with its long history and renowned academic strength, stands as a flagship in Chinese higher education. He encouraged the students to harbor ambitious dreams, maintain a positive outlook on life, and consider lifelong learning as a responsibility, a cultivation  and a pursuit, imbuing the university motto with new meaning in the era. GU emphasized HuaYi Group's high regard for nurturing outstanding university students, and that several SJTU graduates have joined the group through the HuaYi Management Trainee Program, injecting new vitality into the creation of a high-end talent pool aligned with the group's strategic development. He welcomed more talented individuals from SJTU to join the HuaYi family and grow together with the enterprise. GU hoped that the establishment of this scholarship would serve as an opportunity to strengthen comprehensive exchanges in higher-level, broader, and more diverse fields, which could serve as a model for collaboration between top domestic universities and industrial groups, and drive the transformation of national chemical industry.


At the end of the award ceremony, LIN Litao expressed sincere gratitude on behalf of SJTU to HuaYi Group for its generous donation and extended congratulations to the award-winning students. He pointed out that the joint effort to cultivate a large number of top talents with a sense of mission and create favorable conditions for them to unleash their intelligence is a shared political responsibility for Shanghai's universities and enterprises. The deep-rooted connection between HuaYi Group and Shanghai Jiao Tong University in the fields of chemistry and chemical engineering, along with a high degree of alignment in related core businesses, has laid a solid foundation. In recent years, the cooperation between the university and the enterprise in talent cultivation and scientific research has yielded significant results, and LIN hopes that both parties will take this opportunity to further deepen their collaboration. He urged the students to remember the university motto of "Gratitude and Responsibility". LIN encouraged them to turn the phrase "Choosing SJTU means choosing responsibility" into a steadfast stride in their journey of growth, to cherish time and to create an infinitely splendid future in shouldering social responsibilities with courage.

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Before the award ceremony, HuaYi Group held a campus lecture titled "Brilliant Youth, Huayi with You" in the lobby of the National Facility for Translational Medicine. Over eighty students attended, enjoying a lively atmosphere. After the event, the students engaged in further interactive exchanges with representatives from HuaYi Group.


Translator: SUN Chenyun 

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