Grand ceremony for the establishment of the SJTU-RSC student club
Date: 2014-10-27


On October 15th, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Royal Society of Chemistry students club Establishment Ceremony was held in Minhang Campus. Prof. Dan Wu, vice president of SJTU, Ms. Lin Aiwei, Chinese general manager of RSC, Prof. Jiesheng Chen,executive dean of SCCE, Prof. Xinde Cao, vice dean  of the College of environmental science and engineering,  Dr. Caigen Yuan,  R & D center senior scientist of Unilever Shanghai,  Dr. Hong Shen, senior director of Roche R & D Co., Ltd pharmaceutical chemistry ,related enterprises, experts and scholars, all the members of the SJTU-RSC club, teacher and student representatives of SCCE attended the ceremony. The ceremony was presided by Prof. Sixun Zheng, vice dean of SCCE.




In welcoming speech, Chen Jiesheng expressed his warm welcome: RSC entered into SJTU, create student club. This club provides an understanding of the world\'s top research; contact the master opportunities for the students. He encouraged the students to take advantage of the high-quality resources, the club expanding horizons, knowledgeable innovation, diligent in exchange, peer cooperation. He hoped that the SJTU-RSC student club would become the cradle of the cultivation of innovative talents!



Ms. Lin Aiwei had a introduce in detail for the history and development of RSC. She expressed high hope on the club\'s establishment. Through the establishment of SJTU-RSC student clubs, let a 173-year-history of RSC, entered the Shanghai Jiao Tong University spanning three centuries, into the lives of the students. Through the academic Sharon, popular science lectures, the communication of chemistry knowledge, the students love to see and hear in the campus activities, let more students love chemistry, to promote the development of chemistry.



Next, Miss Jing Tang, vice chairman of the SJTU-RSC student club, introduced the club’s related situation.  After the early new recruit, the club has 75 members, she said. Through the communication, exchange and club senior experts FAQ, she believed that students can gain knowledge, harvest growth here, common progress in the club.



Next, Ms. Hongmei Peng, senior deputy of RSC and Jun Zhou jointly signed cooperation agreement-- the "SJTU-RSC Students Club".



To promote the development of the club and help students\' growth, the club invited the special experts and scholars whom came from universities and enterprises, as the club consultant, Jiesheng Chen issued appointment letters to them.



Finally, Prof.Dan Wu and Ms. Aiwei Lin together declared the formal establishment of the SJTU-RSC student club.



After the establishment ceremony, Mr. Hongbo Shen, senior R&D director, Dr. Caigen Yuan, R & D center scientist of Roche enterprise Unilever, brought the occupation career lectures for students to further clarify the occupation development direction.



Set up the student club, created the understanding of the global top research; contact the master of opportunities for students. In this platform, students have the opportunity to carry out international exchanges, overlooking the future of chemistry discipline, provided further help for students future work career and academic study


Back Ground:

The Royal Society of chemistry (RSC), which founded in 1841, has a long history of traditional culture, and also is the largest European chemical society, since its inception, has been committed to the infinite charm of spread to the chemistry world. RSC focus on promoting chemical international exchanges, scientific research, popular science education, made outstanding contributions, and promoting the development of chemical disciplines in the world, is a global group full of vitality. 

Translator: Dr. Xian Zhao

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