Inspire the academic spirit, Cultivate the value pursuit- was launched for undergraduate students of SCCE
Date: 2015-04-08


On March 27, the lecture of < Introduction to Chemistry > was launched at the lecture hall, the conference room and construction building meeting room simultaneously. The first lecture was taught by Prof. Shun’ai Che, Prof. Wende Xiao, Prof.Yongfeng Zhou and Prof. Jiulin Wang. All the grade 2014 undergraduate students of SCCE participated in the study discussion.



Firstly, Prof. Shun’ai Che introduced her chemical career life for class F1411001 and raised a question, “What shall we do during the four years of university?” She thought that the chemical students of SCCE should have the courage to take the social responsibility. The primary missions of the students are to have lessons and do scientific research. Then she shared her work experience with students, which combined with her own research direction "micro - medium - large hole composite material synthesis, structure analysis and its application on research". She reminded the students do not have superstition on authority and have the ability of critical thinking and go all out to develop their own academic interest and improve the scientific research ability. She taught the students how to discuss in class and encouraged them to experience the research life as soon as possible.




 Prof. Wende Xiao and Jiulin Wang shared their work experiences and research results for class F1411002. Prof. Wang started his interesting self-introduction with his own research work "from fireworks to sulfur high-energy lithium-ion secondary battery”. Prof. Xiao brought in a simple frontier lecture on chemical engineering and technology to students. He used lots of instances, charts, which were illustrated that the chemical engineering is a discipline combined with science, technology, engineering and art. Green chemistry, new energy and new materials have broad prospects for future development, he added.



Prof. Yongfeng Zhou mainly introduced the “self-assembly” work for class F1411003. He introduced the hyper branched polymer, self-assembly and cell simulation of hyper branched polymer chemistry respectively. He encouraged the students to ask questions at any time when they couldn’t understand. His hospitable lecture made the students feel approachable.


SCCE opened thelecture and adopt small-class teaching and discussion in order to help the freshman to understand chemical disciplines and build the open learning research platform for the interaction between teachers and students. Also, it will further arouse the student\'s academic interests and cultivate the students\' value pursuit. After class, the participants felt that this lecture is meaningful. The lecture brought more interaction between teachers and students and made the students’ thinking more divergent. It could strengthen their capability of expression and thinking as well.



Translator: Dr.Xi\'an Zhao, Ms. Yuzhuo Chen

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