Employment Meeting for SCCE Graduates Student
Date: 2014-10-21


To help students more in-depth understanding of the employment process and the current employment policy, changing the concept of employment, improve the employment skills and ability of competition. On 14th October, SCCE 2015 graduates employment meeting was held at the Minhang campus. Ms. Jie Lin, career mentor teacher, Mr. Jun Zhou, director of Student Affairs, and all levels graduates student attended the meeting.


On the meeting, Zhou Jun introduced the recent graduates’ employment situation, the recruitment information, employment process, leaving the procedures and other aspects for the students. He encouraged that the students should prepare actively, adjust state of mind in the job, make their aspirations and dreams, combined with professional knowledge accumulation, find their own a lifetime career.


Then, Jie Lin analyzed the current employment situation, emphasized the importance of the employment objectives. She mentioned that the students do not make high aim for the work choice, to combine its own characteristics, stand on solid ground, and have a definite object in view to choose, got good result. Finally, Ms. Lin also explained how to prepare a resume, interview with common problems, and made answer to the students’ questions.


This meeting let graduate students understand the graduation season; further clarify the goals and direction, promoted the college employment work orderly.

Translator: Dr. Xian Zhao

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