SCCE host Summer Camp 2014
Date: 2014-10-13


From July 21 to 23, 2014, SCCE Summer Camp 2014 was held in Jiaotong University (minhang campus). Nearly 70 outstanding students, of whom came from "985 project", "211 project" key universities attended these activities.



On July 21, the SCCE Summer Camps 2014 was opened officially. Mr. Jingfeng Qian , deputy party secretary of SCCE and Prof. Sixun Zhang attend the opening ceremony. Qian Jingfeng gave a warm welcome to the summer camp activity students. He introduced briefly the development history of jiaotong university in one hundred and the SCCE’s faculty, students and other basic situation , to show the fast development in recent years.vividly expounds that choose jiaotong university and choose SCCE. His speaking lead the burst of applause. Students have achieved fruitful results from his speak.



Combined scientific research dynamic, Prof. Sixun Zheng , vice dean of SCCE, introduced the basic situation of SCCE Summer Camp 2014 to all students. He hoped that the students cherished this opportunity and felt the jiaotong university, familiar with jiaotong university, fallen in love with jiaotong university, and through this summer camp show themselves adequately, grow in summer harvest, harvest the friendship.



The next two days, Summer Camp arranged nearly 30 professional teachers. They introduced their scientific research to all students. Their professional research visual Angle, high academic standards brought much benefited to students. the students made good interaction with teachers after each lecture, the atmosphere is warm.



Under the guidance of teachers, the Students also visited the part of the laboratory, face-to-face communicated with different group of graduated students. It let students have more in-depth understanding of  SCCE.



SCCE’s Graduate Association (GA) also organize the launching ceremony. through UTJS experiential training, let the students quickly familiar with Summer Camp, and share the interview experience of Summer Camp with students. Graduate students of GA guided the students visited jiaotong university campus, shared life experience and funny things in jiaotong university with students, make them understand campus life in SJTU!



According to different major background, the students were divided into groups. Their academic quality was made a comprehensive investigation by professors. It has paved the way for the 2015 graduate student recruit Programs.  On July 23 morning, Summer Camp closing ceremony was held at No.500 teaching build. Qian Jingfeng attended the closing ceremony, and made career planning training for students. From academic, career planning, values lead several aspects, he made communication with the students in-depth, make further clear the future life planning. The students expressed that they got a lot from his speak. He hope sincerely that the students are good at learning, growing, make persistent efforts,  and meet the students in the autumn beauty of jiaotong university campus.



All the campers pose downstairs in SCCE building, the SCCE Summer Camps 2014 successfully ended.



After three days life, students has a further understanding SJTU and SCCE. They have a vivid impression on graduate life and intoxicate scenery of summer campus. The SCCE’s academic atmosphere got high evaluation. We have reason to believe that, after the summer camp, SCCE will attract more students to join this big family! 86 - year - old SCCE will inject new vigor and vitality.


                                                                           Translate: Dr. Xian Zhao

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