\"Thanksgiving drift bottles\": SCCE Youth volunteers sending their blessings to Dormitory Aunties
Date: 2013-12-04

It was the Thanks-giving Day of the year 2013, during Nov.26 to Nov.28, the members of SCCE Youth volunteers held a special event for the Thanks-giving Day: "Thanks-giving drift bottles". They send their sincerely greetings and blessings to Dormitory Aunties with thanks-giving messages.
Thanksgiving is the finest meaning
The concept of "Thanksgiving drift bottles" is quite simple: organizing classmates to collect discarded plastic bottles and write blessing words in a plastic bottle, then volunteers and students send all the bottles to Dormitory Aunties expressing gratitude and blessings.
Noon on the 26th in the East Wheel, the volunteers launched a massive publicity campaign. Their positive publicity, enthusiastic explanation and patient answer have attracted many students. Students said that this activity is meaningful; they ask specific questions to the volunteers, and expressed their willingness to participate.

In 27th, event started at the entrance of Guangbiao building. Online registered students arrive early with their collected plastic bottles, and organize them with volunteers. With everyone\'s efforts and cooperation, they gathered a big bag  plastic bottles.
Collection of waste plastic bottles is not only a represent of "Hearted Ceremony", but also "green textbook ", to promote separation and recycling , to the students.

Gratitude Is Spreading
In Thanksgiving Day, “send blessings” activities to the Dormitory Aunties are barreling ahead. Volunteers arrived the small stage of East Wheel, They gave students painting pen and let them write thankful words on a heart-shaped card and hang them on the bottleneck.
Some students took Thanksgiving drift bottles, to give them to Dormitory Aunties personally; others left cards to volunteers and let them pass on. "It always distresses me when we lose points in Wednesday\'s check"; "Auntie, thank you for your hard work! Happy Thanksgiving!" The sincere words of gratitude from students\' mind have been expressed most incisively and vividly.
Aunties were moved deeply when volunteers brought the drift bottles fulfilled with students\' sincerely gratitude to them. They said that to care and help students is not only their responsibility, but also what they should do. The understanding and appreciation from students brought great warmth to their work.

Creating life needs a grateful heart, and a grateful heart needs nourishment from life. The volunteers of SCCE said such activities would always encourage more people to participate in public services, "Let your gratitude mind drift in my heart, sowing the seeds of thanksgiving on campus. Once they grow into towering trees, everyone would benefit and harvest from it. "

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