The \"Scientific and technological innovation ability construction projects of School of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering\" in 985 project-III was approved
Date: 2013-12-30

The "Scientific and technological innovation ability construction projects of SCCE" in 985 project-III was approved to get pre-accept check in advance by our university because of their fast-paced, well managed process and great achievement. In Dec 25th, the office of University 211/985 Project organized a  experts group  to checked the project. The expert group includes 6 members, was led by Huanhua Sheng. After listened to the report and dissertation about project construction from professor Jiesheng Cheng, Executive Dean of SCCE, the expert group reviewed every point comprehensively, such as object realization, task accomplishment, construction effect, and execution of construction funds.
The Scientific and technological innovation capacity construction projects of SCCE focused on enhancing the innovation capability. By such construction, the school has formed several research directions with important effects for both domestic and internationa, brings up several academic leading talents, and made a number of important and influential achievement. Their comprehensive academic strength and competitiveness have been improved rapidly.
During the construction period, SCCE  introduced one  new double-hired Academician, one  Royal Society of Chemistry Fellow, one Changjiang Scholars of Ministry of Education, three  Scholars of National Outstanding Youth Fund, one  Innovation team of Ministry of Education, one  National Thousand Talents Program Professor and one  Youth Thousand Talents Program Scholar, one  "973 program" chief expert, and increased four  National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation nominations. These dissertaions  had made a number of original achievements, such as hyper branched polymer molecular assembly, perfluorinated ion exchange membrane, Chiral chemistry and photoelectric conversion materials, and artificial Synthetic artemisinin.  these achievements have a certain influence on not only domestic but also international range, which earned a number of national and provincial science and technology awards. The capability of undertaking large projects is improving, and  publishing many high-quality articles as usual.
The experts group believes that the project completed the construction content excellently, it\'s well-managed, and funds are  used in accordance with the plan and the implementation of management rules, it has reached satisfied expectation. all the experts approved the  acceptance of this project. Meanwhile, experts put forward their opinions and suggestions on the development and construction for SCCE.


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