The 973 Project “High-capacity Energy Storage System and Its Application on the Basis of Supercapacitor” Were officially launched
Date: 2014-03-03

On March 1st, 2014, the 973 national project “High-capacity Energy Storage System And Its Application on the Basis of Supercapacitor” were grandly held in Sinopoly Battery Resaerch Institute, with SJTU as the host and professor Ma Zifeng from SCCE as the principal scientist. There were about 30 relevant people present, including Mr. Yan Jinding, from the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Deputy Director the management office of the 973 project, and the experts in the advisory group of the 973 project: Professor Sun Yanping, Professor Sun Shigang, Researcher Lv Gongxuan, Professor WuFeng from the project group, Researcher Zhang Suojiang, Researcher Wen Zhaoyin, Professor Xia Yongyao, Professor Liu Haimei, Professor Cheng Haizhong, Guan Xinping, the Vice President of the Research Institute of SJTU, Sun Lizhen, Chairman of the Office of Major Projects, and also there were principals of each task and relevant academic backbone members. This project won the joint participation of some outstanding universities and research institutes, such as Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, East China University of Science and Technology, Process Engineering Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Sinopoly Battery Research Institute.

Vice President Guan Xinping expressed heartfelt gratitude to the leaders and experts  for their strong support to the project, and gave a promise that our university would offer strong support to the project and manage it strictly in the light of the requirements of Ministry of Science and Technology. Mr. Yan Jinding, Vice President of the Ministry of Science and Technology provided valuable suggestions, pointing out the great significance of this project for the development of the fundamental science , and  the national energy storage technology. He also strengthened that we should set up definite scientific and applied target, according to which the problems of each task could be solved with better communication so as to achieve the final goal  successfully.
The chief scientist, Professor Ma Zifeng, introduced the general situation of this project on behalf of the project team: including the scientific target and issue of the project, the research thoughts, the main research contents and expectation, the general information of the subject settings and research faculties. he also made prospect and put up with the innovative idea that the implementation of this project could set the pace in the application of the hybrid energy system.  the supercapacitor as its basis in the fields of renewable energy power generation, joining up and smoothing the quality of electricity energy and in promoting the jointed application of the of power batteries and supercapacitor. Later, the principles of each task presented the research content, research ideas, research plans and research targets. A hot discussion began among the experts and  put up with many specific valuable suggestions and guiding solutions, expecting the each task carried out with the concentration of the group objective, providing a new solution on energy storage for wind electricity and the joining up into the power grid of photovoltaic power generation, promoting the development of supercapacitor and power battery system, and providing the efficient solutions of low voltage ride through ability in the joining up process.



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