【Mien of Alumni】XiaMin: A Surefooted Cultivator
Date: 2013-01-14

After communicating, we felt honored to have the opportunity to interview Mr. Xia Min,the vice president of Shanghai Amateur University, whom graduated from the Department of Applied Chemistry in SJTU in 1982. At his office, we received a warm reception.. After a simple self-introduction, we had deep-going discussions with Brother Xia.


Sticking to the teaching forefront and seeking happiness from it
Brother Xia firstly introduced us the relevant information of the Amateur University, which is an adult university, where employees can further study. The Amateur University mainly set up some practical classes, which attach more focus on the practicability and pertinence. do very well in these aspects. Since his graduation from SJTU, he has been assigned to the Staff and Workers’ College of Electric Group, and he has taught there for 30 years. He has experienced many changes : from a common teacher in staff and workers’ college to the teacher of Amateur University in LuWan District, then he became an office director, until now, as the vice president and deputy secretary of the Amateur University, he has sure footedly finished every job. Even though he is the vice president, and  is about to retire , but he still stick to teaching and seek happiness from it.    

Looking back upon The Days in SJTU and Sending Words to Contemporary Students
Looking back upon the school life in SJTU, Brother Xia said that the competition of the entrance examination was very fierce then. Every student cherished the precious opportunity of studying in SJTU and they were much more careful than contemporary students in study. He showed some concerns on the halfhearted attitudes of contemporary students and suggested that the college students should think independently, apply what they have learnt to practice and spend more time in doing experiments in labs. He also mentioned that if we want to succeed, we need to construct our inner world, treat others with honesty and life with equanimity, and keep in mind the belief “ let nature take its course”. “Stay happy. Stay ordinary. Don’t push yourself too much.”

Always be the forerunner in the educational sector
When we were about to leave, several guests entered in his  office. After knowing the purpose of our visit, they all told us that President Xia must be the outstanding alumnus among the graduates in 1977. They also informed us that President Xia is very busy as the vice president but he always sticks to the first front in teaching, which deserves our admiration.   
Sincere thoughts of a 60-year-old student, solid sentiments in a 30-year-long school life. Unconsciously, the sunset called an end to our delightful interview. Short as the interview is, we was still charmed by Brother Xia’ confident, modest, and amiable characteristics. The lasting love for our almamater, the deep yearn for his schoolmates, and the sincere expectation for the younger brothers and sisters can be found in Brother Xia’s words and actions.    

Brief Biography of Our Alumnus
XiaMin, was admitted to the Department of Applied Chemistry in SJTU in 1977, majored in Electrical Engineering, combine with Department of Chemistry later. After he graduated, he worked as the teacher of the Staff and Workers’ College of Shanghai Electric Group. Later he has held the post of vice president until now.

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