Shanghai Jiao Tong University won \"Challenge Cup\" gold medal
Date: 2014-06-03


On May 25, the eighth "Challenge Cup" college students entrepreneurship competition final was held in Shanghai. Directed by Prof. Yang Bin, six students of the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Composed Team got gold medal.



At the beginning of the project design, students focused on the new carbon fiber materials. Under the guidance of the Prof. Yang Bin, students introduced recycling method the recycling methods for waste carbon fiber compound materials, using the thermal cracking technology from carbon fiber composite materials of a series of different length of carbon fiber. This advanced method filled the domestic blank of recycled carbon fiber products. The cost can be greatly reduced by using chopped carbon fiber and carbon fiber powder, which promotes effectively the development of carbon fiber technology and industry in China. Project design got the praise from the judges, stood out in the layers of the selection, and got gold medal in the end.


This gold medal is an encouragement to our college entrepreneurship education and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. Students express that they will further modify the scheme and active preparation, striving for the national "Challenge Cup" competition in the future.



                                                Translate: Xi\'an Zhao

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