Evonik Industry Group’s Top Management Team Visited the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, SJTU
Date: 2014-05-12

On May 8, invited by Prof. Jie-Sheng Chen, the dean of School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, top management team of Evonik Industry Group, including Dr. Peter Nagler, the chief innovation officer, Dr. Baoshu Chen, the senior vice president of China regional development, Dr. Jing Feng, vice President of china enterprise innovation development, and Dr. Markus Poetter, the director of the great China strategy development, visited the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Shanghai Jiaotong University. Prof. Jie-Sheng Chen and Mr. Jing-Feng Qian made reception of them. The major discussion focused on the future collaboration on research, establishment of joint laboratory, and talents’ training etc. Prof. Ping-Kai Jiang and Prof. Fan Zhang also took part in this fruitful discussion.  

Prof. Jie-Sheng Chen introduced the history, current status and developmental prospect of Chemistry and chemical engineering school. Dr. Nagler expressed his honor to have this visit. He was happy to have this opportunity to build up collaboration with School of Chemistry and chemical engineering. He stated that he would actively push further bilateral cooperation between SJTU and Evonik Industry Groups. He hoped that both sides would have closer cooperation in many field of scientific research directions.   


Dr. Nagler gave a presentation “Leading Innovation- a people’s business” to the students and faculty from School of Chemistry and chemical engineering. In 45 minutes’ talk, Dr. Nagler briefly introduced Evonik Industry Group’s history, products and innovation, shared his 28 years professional career experiences in chemical industry. The on-site communication is very smooth, Dr. Nagler answered audiences’ interested questions.


Evonik Industry Groups agreed to sign the Collaboration Framework Agreement with SJTU, and establish an “Evonik – SJTU Joint Laboratory of smart material” with the school of chemistry and Chemical Engineering in the near future.


                                                                                                      Translate: Xi\'an Zhao

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