SCCE achieved new breakthrough in 2015 NSFC project
Date: 2015-09-15



On august 18th, a good news came from NSFC fund committee. SCCE successfully obtained 29 projects through 2015 annual review of NSFC including 18 general projects, 8 youth science fund projects and 3 excellent youth science fund projects.


It is mention that, excellent youth science fund project fulfil zero breakthrough and approved 14 items, in which SCCE obtained 3 items.


Mr. Weigang Tang, in charge of scientific research project for SCCE, said that in the process of applying for projects, SCCE had applied 74 items, in which 29 were approved finally and the declare success rate reached 39.2%. In our 29 approved funding projects, the total financial support reached 17.23 million RMB.


As reported, SJTU had obtained 887 items for various projects funded. The total financial support was 487 million RMB, ranked first in China.


In 2015, the application for NSFC project had achieved gratifying achievements under the leader’ support of SCCE and the hard work of scientific research management staff and faculty. Prof.Jiesheng Chen, the dean of SCCE, said SCCE would seriously analyze and strengthen the application work focusing on major projects, key projects, and all the outstanding youth science fund projects. To improve the level of the college scientific research work through hard work of all faculty and staff.


Translator: Xi\'an Zhao



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