SCCE organize activities for Alumni
Date: 2015-04-20


On April 11, the 119th anniversary date of SJTU, 1985th, 1995th and 2005th over 40 alumni of SCCE return back SJTU, to participate alumni homecoming activities in school and college.





In early morning, at new gymnasium the invited alumni to attend the school’s 119th anniversary congress, Dr. Jie Zhang, President of SJTU, and Mr. Sixian Jiang, Secretary of the party committee of SJTU, gave an Interpretation of the achievements of the reform and development in recent years to all alumni. Their speech let all alumni to feel proud of as a member of SJTU. At noon, under the guidance of the volunteer, the whole participate came to the school dining room to taste. The simple lunch contains strong memories, let alumni and revisit familiar smell after a few decades.



In the afternoon, in the lecture hall of SCCE held a college alumni association, and launch "students dream fund". Mr. Dan Wu, vice president of SJTU, Mr. Jingfeng Qian, party secretary of SCCE and Prof. Jiesheng Chen, dean of SCCE, attended the meeting. Prof. Chen introduced the history of SCCE in detail, the development present situation and future construction target to alumni. Keep the consistent with the development of SJTU. Chen’s speech let alumni have deep understanding about the present situation of SCCE.



Mr. Qian Jingfeng then introduced the preparation of the college alumni association. He pointed out: without the care and support of alumni, that the development of the college cannot be done. SCCE are actively contact each session of alumni. The preparatory establishment of alumni association hopes to become a graduate college alumni association, closely links to schools. Also become mutual benefit platform to each alumni for their work career and life.



In this alumni contact process, 1995th alumni sponsored by SCCE’s "students dream of funds", hope to be able to support on the lower classmates drove from learning, scientific research, practice, innovation, entrepreneurship, and other aspects to realize their dreams. Wu Dan and Zhu Chengxiang, the alumni representatives, cut the ribbon of the "student’s dream of funds". Zhu Chengxiang said, he hope this funds can through the collection "dream fund" alumni, help college to cultivate more elite talent.




Wu Dan recalled his work career history, at the beginning of the work and study, together with the class of 85, 95 alumni of unforgettable experience. He pointed out that the chemical professional can, from the common problems found in the subject to, solve the problem of personality problems, these good characteristics can be follow alumni life precious quality. His speech got alumni’s strong resonance.



After the preparatory meeting, the 1985th alumni, more than two dozen, together for discussion with teachers. Alumni looked at their first-year class of 1985 black-and-white photographs, succession exclamation time changed appearance, but still the same feelings. With the rapid development of the campus are shocked, but see teacher’s familiar face, affable smile, let alumni have the home feeling. Wu Dan, Qian Jingfeng, alumni of 1985th, Ms. Qimei Du and Ms.Xiao-hui Yang, teacher at that time, took part in the discussion. Especially, Mr. Baojin Yang, educational teacher at that time, came back from abroad to come to the party.


Let us look forward to the next decades, two decades, look forward to more alumni have beautiful life and SCCE a brighter future.


Translator: Xi\'an Zhao

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