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Educational Background


2003.09-2007.07 Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, China, B.A. Applied Chemistry,

2007.09-2012.10 Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, China, PhD. Applied Chemistry,

Work Experience

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE                                                        

2012.11-2013.12 Postdoctoral researcher, Pennsylvania State University, USA

2014.01-2018.1 Lecturer, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

2018.01- Associate Professor, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Research Interests

Research Interest & Experience                                                          

My research interests are controlled synthesis of inorganc energy materials via solvo-and hydrothermal method, regulate the electrical properties via controlling their compositions, defects, phases and the formation of junctions. and improve their performances in energy storage and conversion. Recently, I focusing on the constructing of surface charged materials via junctions and doping, and exploring their applications in electrocatalysis. We have developed some universal methods on the synthesis of mono-dispersed multiple sulfides and their heterojunctions (Ag-Ag8SnS6, Ag-Ag8GeS6, Ag2S-Ag8GeS6 and CoS2-CoS), which shows unique electrocatalytic activity on the redox reactions of I- and I3- in flow batteries.

With an H index of 28, he has published 74 papers, and 5 papers were selected as ESI Highly Cited Papers. He was honored the first prize (No. 5) of Shanghai Natural Science (2015), and were selected in the Shanghai ChenGuang and Rising-Star Programs.

Research Project






[1] Li Xiaomin, Qian Tianyue, Zai Jiantao*, He Kai, Feng Zhenxing, and Qian Xuefeng*, Co stabilized metallic 1Td MoS2 monolayers: Bottom-up synthesis and enhanced capacitance with ultra-long cycling stability. Materials Today Energy, 2018. 7: 10-17.

[2] Li Xiaomin, Feng Zhenxing, Zai Jiantao*, Ma Zi-Feng, and Qian Xuefeng*, Incorporation of Co into MoS2/graphene nanocomposites: One effective way to enhance the cycling stability of Li/Na storage. Journal of Power Sources, 2018. 373: 103-109.

[3] Zai Jiantao, Liu Yuanyuan, Li Xiaomin, Ma Zi-feng, Qi Rongrong *, Qian Xuefeng*. 3D hierarchical Co-Al layered double hydroxides with long-term stability and high rate performances in supercapacitors. Nano-Micro Letters, 2017, 9:21.

[4] Zai Jiantao, Cao Fenglei, Liang Na, Yu Ke, Tian Yuan, Sun Huai, Qian Xuefeng*. Rose-like I-doped Bi2O2CO3 microspheres with enhanced visible light response: DFT calculation, synthesis and photocatalytic performance. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 2017, 321 464.

[5] Li Xiaomin, Zai Jiantao*, Xiang Shijie, Liu Yuanyuan, He Xiaobo, Xu Zheying, Wang Kaixue, Ma Zifeng, Qian Xuefeng*. Regeneration of Metal Sulfides in the Delithiation Process: The Key to Cyclic Stability. Advanced Energy Materials, 2016, 201601056

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[10] Min Wang, Jiantao Zai*, Bo Li, Yan Wang, Shoushuang Huang, Qingquan He, and Xuefeng Qian*. Hierarchical Cu2-XSe nanotubes constructed by two-unit-cell-thick nanosheets: room-temperature synthesis and promoted electrocatalytic activity towards polysulfides. Journal of Materials Chemistry A. 2016. 4(13): p. 4790-4796.

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Software Copyright Reqistration and Patent

2018-2021 Shanghai Rising-Star Program, 18QA1402400: Charge active center in solid state materials: synthesis and applications.

2017-2020 Program of Natural Science Foundation of Shanghai, 17ZR1441200, Nitrogenase-inspired Fe-Mo-S with coordination gap and rich electron active center: synthesis and catalytic performances

2013-2016 Shanghai Chenguang project, 13CG10: Controlled synthesis of Chalcopyrite materials with tunable band gaps,

2016-2018 Program of National Natural Science Foundation of China (21501120): Liquid synthesis and photocatalytic performances of porous SiC and Si1-xGexC solid solutions,

2014-2018 Controlled synthesis of rare earth light-cutting phosphor and their application in Si-solar cells, opening funding of State Key Laboratory of Rare Earth Resource Utilization (RERU2016024)

[1] Ashish Dubey†;Jiantao Zai†; Xuefeng Qian and Qiquan Qiao*,"Metal oxide nanocrystals and their properties for application in solar cells" Charpter No. 28 in Handbook of Nanomaterials Properties(Bharat Bhushan (ed.))ISBN 978-3-642-31106-2, 2014

Honors and Awards


2018 Shanghai Rising-Star Program (Type A)

2017 Chenxing-Lecturer in SJTU

2015 First Prize of Shanghai Natual Science Award (No 5),

2014 Shanghai Chenguang Project

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