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Party Secretary: Jinping Jia

Dean:  Yongqiang Tu

Deputy Party Secretary:

Wenfan Yan (in charge of personnel)
Hao Zheng  (in charge of student affairs, publicity)
Associate Dean:
Xuefeng Qian (in charge of undergraduate course teaching)
Sixun Zheng (in charge of postgraduate course teaching )
Zhenghong Luo (in charge of scientific research and subject construction)

Zonglin Peng (in charge of lab construction and security)

Yongfeng Zhou (in charge of international exchanges and cooperation;  scientific research and subject constructionlab construction and security)

Head of Dept. Polymer Science and Engineering: Qinghua Lu
Head of Dept. Chemistry: Yong Cui
Head of Dept. Chemical Engineering and Technology:Zhenghong Luo