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Institute of polymer materials

Institute of Polymer material is approved by the state education commission and built in 1985 by the expansion of the polymer material research laboratory. Research interests include: the institute of friction and sealing materials (1979) and the institute of dielectric and functional materials (1993). Institute of Auto science and engineering (1994), Institute of advanced manufacturing technology(1995) and the institute of Materials and chemical (1995) are set as the school level institutes. The main research contents are as following: the structure and properties of polymer materials, design and modification, synthesis and characterization, also the processing and application.


Institute of Electrochemical and energy technology

Institute of Electrochemical and energy technology of Shanghai jiao tong university is a multi-disciplinary cross research institution. Based on the purpose "fundamental research drives the development of disciplines, industrial demand guides the research direction", the main research directions are electrochemical energy storage and conversion technology, hydrogen and fuel cell, new type of catalyst and catalytic process, photoelectric catalysis, chemical engineering material, ion exchange membrane materials and so on.


Institute of Chiral chemistry and technology

A number of chiral chemical experts work in this institute and Prof. Shunai Che is the director of this institute. The institute mainly studies the synthesis of chiral molecules, separation of chiral selectivity, and the chiral multi-level structure of molecular aggregation, etc.


Institute of rheology

Institute of Rheology was established in April 2006, aiming to dispark communication, research innovation, deepen the theory, extend the application, nurture the talent and serve the country. Mainly research directions are: the processing rheology of polymer complex multi-scale structure, computer simulation of polymer materials’ processing molding, polymer reaction process and polymer materials with high performance, etc.


Institute of fine chemical industry

This institute was established in October 1994, and its scientific research work includes heavy oil additives research, which is the key project of the transportation ministry, Daqing oilfield corrosion inhibitor and detergent, friction chemistry, the extraction and application of natural pigment and chitin.


Electrical insulation and thermal aging key laboratory of Shanghai

This laboratory was established by Shanghai Jiaotong university, Shanghai institute of technology, Shanghai steam turbine generator co., Ltd.and Shanghai motormaker. This laboratory is mainly composed of two parts: high voltage laboratory and polymer insulating materials laboratory. It’s based on research of application and experiment technology. These laboratory aim to improve integration technology, and the technical support of Shanghai electric material development, cultivate technical backbone for the enterprise and contribute to the Shanghai economic development.


Testing Center

The testing center of SCCE was established in 1997.It is a public experimental platform which was invested and constructed by “211”and “985” projects. The testing center has formed a pretty large scale with the total area of 900 m2. Its total investment of equipment ups to 4 million RMB and has more than 50 advanced precision instruments in middle or large scale. The instruments in the testing center are opened to several subjects, such as Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Material, Nanometer, Environment, Biology, Agriculture Science, Pharmacy and Medicine. Nowadays, the testing center has been the essential supporting platform for the school science research and it is also an important foundation for the school scientific analysis.


The analysis devices are as follows: spectrogragh (IR, UV, fluorescence, steady/transient fluorescence), chromatograph(GPC, HPLC),    themal analysis(DSC, TGA, DMA),microscope(polarized light, fluorescence, SEM, TEM),NMR, ESR, x-ray diffractometer, single-crystal x-ray diffractometer, rheometer (capillary, rotation, torque), nano particle analyzer, mechanics performance testing device and physical performance testing device and so on. In addition, the center also has polymer processing and sample preparing devices, such as twin-screw extruder, injection molding machine, plastic spline mould, open mixer and internal mixer, being geared to the needs of polymer material processing.


The main job of the center is sample analysis and characterization, offering data and graph. The special tech-directions are as follows: detection of organic compound, MW measurement of polymer, thermal analysis of materials, rheology behavior testing and analysis, microscopy analysis, particle size and pore size analysis, mechanical property analysis and plastic spline testing. The center is pretty good at polymer property analysis and plastic and rubber analysis.


The analysis center undertakes most of the analysis tasks in SCCE’s research projects and publications, playing an important role in structure analysis and performance representation and making great contributions to carrying out high-level research and making excellent publications. At present, there are 11 full-time professional workers in the center, most of which has a senior technical title and a more higher degree than master degree. They have solid basic scientific knowledge, rich working experience and a rational age structure, all of which make the team a Young, warm-hearted, strongly united and professionally work respected one. The center invited 9 professors to serve as technical instructors, participating in the process of device function exploitation, with the help of strong faculty and techniques of SCCE in order to keep high level of sample making techniques, testing skills and graph analysis skills. The center guarantees the veracity of scientific testing and analyzing.


The center has an opening management for large-scale fine devices in order to perform the function of the devices with high efficiency and serve the teaching and research. The center is not only for researchers in SJTU, but also for companies and organizations outside the university. Welcome to our center!


For more information please go to: http://scce.sjtu.edu.cn/cal/


Basic Chemistry Experiment Center

The SJTU basic chemistry experiment center take the original basic chemistry experiment center of the department of applied chemistry, which was established in 1956,as its predecessor. Under the support of Ministry of Education “ World Bank Loan” and “211” ,"985” projects, the center improved its experimental condition in a significant way. The basic chemistry experiment center was officially established in 2000.


The center takes serving undergraduate education, improving students’ comprehensive quality and facilitating students’ innovation alibity as its purpose, reforming teaching content and updating education measures, achieves the transformation from training students’ experimental skills to facilitating comprehensive ability.  The center mainly focus on using advanced education ideas, embracing SJTU’s overall goal of cultivating elites, improves itself in the field of education system building, teaching methods adding, teaching environment remaking, institution building and obtained good result. At present, the center has built experimental platform for all students with 2,750 m2 of lab area and experimental devices like AA,FT-IR, HPLC, GC, FL, X-ray diffraction.


As SJTU chemistry experiment teaching and innovated education platform, the center sets up experiment courses for the department of chemistry, chemical engineering, material, environment, agriculture, pharmacy, medicine and life science; serial experiment courses for students in chemistry course, zhiyuan college; college chemistry experiment course for school of mechanical engineering; basic chemistry course, organic chemistry course and physical chemistry course for students in life science course, zhiyuan college; English version college chemistry experiment course for SJTU&UM joint school. Starting from Sept. 2009, the center has been setting up a general education core course—“study chemistry in experiment”, the annual experiment workload is 160,000 PH. The teaching task was finished by the cooperation of teachers, teaching assistants and experiment technical workers.


In order to maintain teaching quality, the staff keeps the rules of conducting pre-experiment and giving trial-lecture.  The center helped to establish college chemistry course (national excellent course), organic chemistry course (shanghai excellent course), experiment chemistry course(shanghai excellent course), university excellent courses--inorganic and analyzing chemistry course, physical chemistry course, chemical engineering principle course and school platform courses—instrumental analysis course, polymer science experiment course.


Also, the center provides places and testing service for “PRP project” and “innovated experiment project”. The center was honored as university teaching demonstration center.