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The Department of Chemical Engineering is responsible for both education of the undergraduate (Bachelor Degree) and graduate students (Master Degree and Ph. D)  and construction of the first-level discipline of chemical engineering and technology, which is composed of five second-level disciplines or majors: Chemical engineering, chemical technology (energy-oriented, materials-oriented, or environmental), applied chemistry, biochemical engineering and industrial catalysis.


The discipline of Chemical engineering and technology occupies a unique position between fundamental and application to process materials (raw or intermediate) into high-value-added products. The chemists study basic chemical reactions, then the chemical engineers scale-up the basic study into full-scale production, turning molecule into money, in efficient, healthy, safe and green ways. Strongly based on mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology, and also in close collaboration with fellow engineering disciplines such as computer, mechanical, electrical, and civil engineering, the chemical engineers can grasp opportunities to to do great things.


Our department was founded in 1946 with the first head being Prof. Yuan-Fu Shu, a prestigious scientist in extraction area, and an academician of Chinese Academy of Science. In 1952, due to reform of the national university system, it was migrated and merged with other five universities’ department of chemical engineering into East China Institute of Chemical Technology (nowadays East China University of Science and Technology). To meet the needs of the national economic development and discipline building, in 1979, the department of applied chemistry was built, including two majors: applied electrochemistry and polymer science, and in 1981, authorized to grant master degree in applied chemistry, in 1984 in environmental chemical engineering, and in 1992 in fine chemical engineering. In July 1997, collaborated with Shanghai Research Institute of Chemical Technology, a member of Chemical Industry Ministry of China, our university established School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering and concurrently rebuilt the department of chemical engineering. Since then, our department has been walking on the track of rapid progress, and was authorized to grant master degree in first-level subject of chemical engineering and technology in 2005. Now, our department can offer four kinds of degrees: bachelor, master of engineering, specialized master of engineering and doctor of engineering.


The areas and aims of the chemical engineering and technology discipline include the conventional chemical processes for transportation fuel, petrochemical, basic inorganic chemical, basic organic chemical, and metal and alloy et al., and the newly booming processes for functional and advanced materials, alternative and renewable energy, energy storage and fuel cell, pharmaceutical and pesticide, food and beverage and so forth. As the results, the discipline of chemical engineering and technology is deeply and extensively involved in every areas related to the people wealth and happiness and the national prosperity and safety.


For undergraduate students of our subject, the basic courses cover basic theory, method and experimental technique of organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, physic chemistry and physics, and mathematics and English as well; the core courses include transfer phenomena, unit operations, reaction engineering, separation engineering, system engineering, applied catalysis and flow hydrodynamics; the specialized courses consist of chemical process design, process automation and instruments, process machinery, product engineering, and applied electrochemistry. With the strong fundamental background and problem solving skills, the students of our department are always among the highest salaries for employing a bachelor’s degree.