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Polymer Material Science in Shanghai Jiaotong university has been established since the early 70’s. In 1981, the department was allowed to grant master's degree in polymer materials and in 1992 the department was allowed to grant doctor's degree in polymer materials. We also have mobile stations of post-doctoral majoring in materials science and engineering. Among them, the functional polymer material is one of the first batch of key disciplines, was supported by the national  "211"  project. Nowadays, we have 35 staff, including one academician of Chinese academy of sciences, 12 professors and 5 associate professors.


The major in polymer materials include: research the structure and properties of polymer materials, the design and modification, the synthesis and characterization, the processing and materials’ applications. This major is based on the relationship between the structure and performance of the polymer, reaction mechanism and rheology. Students in this major should master the modern analytical techniques and explore the impacts of the polymerization technology, processing equipment, processing technology and various environment factors on the materials’ structures and performances.


We prefer to modify the existing products through the adoption of new technologies and introduce computer technology to polymer materials science and technology, which can help to improve the quality of materials.


Our aim is to develop new materials and new applications to meet the development of national economy.
Our department has several modern precision analysis instruments, such as the thermal analyzer(DSC, TGA, DMA), high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and gel permeation chromatography, scanning electron microscope, infrared spectrophotometer, uv-vis spectrophotometer, fluorescence spectrophotometer, capillary rheometer, universal tensile machine, hot stage polarized microscopy, the torque rheometer, polymer materials also sample performance tester, gas chromatograph, twin screw extruder, single screw extruder. We also have several kinds of plastic and rubber processing equipments.


Main research direction


Structure, performance and processing of the polymer material
How the composition, structure and processing of the polymer material? structure affects its performance;
Physical and chemical modification of polymer materials;
Polymeric reaction processing;
Computer aided engineering in polymer processing (CAE);
Multiple sets of multiphase material composite polymer materials;
The abrasion-resistant composite with high coefficient of friction;
Rubber and thermoplastic elastomer;
Insulating polymeric material;
Polymer alloy with high performance.


Functional polymer materials (polymeric materials with electrical, magnetic, optical activity)
Polymer electrolyte;
The electromagnetic wave stealth materials;
Molecular memory storage materials;
Organic polymer luminescent material;
Nonlinear optical material ( NLOM );
Polymer electret;
Polymeric additives.


Polymer materials with high performance
Novel polyether sulfone and polyimide polymer materials with good thermo stability;
Self-reinforced thermo tropic liquid crystal molecules polymers;
Condensation type multi-block polymers.