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1. The chemistry discipline is among the top 1% of ESI.
2. High quality Sino-foreign cooperation in education. The “Deans Overseas Awards” covers 40% of undergraduate students of SCCE for international exchange.
3. More than 55% of the students have chance for further education while the rest holds excellent work positions.
4. Scholarship is available for half of the student, while the student subsidies cover all.


School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering (SCCE) was founded as the Department of Chemistry in 1928, which was part of the school of science of Jiao Tong University. More than 10 of previous students became academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, such as prof. Xu Guangxian, making outstanding contribution to China. The Department of Chemistry was closed in 1952 due to the nationwide restructuring of universities and colleges.SCCE was reconstructed in 1997 with 3 departments including department of polymer science and engineering, department of chemistry and department of chemical engineering. Seven research institutes including Institute of Polymer Science, Institute of Fine Chemicals, institute of Advanced Rheology, Institute of Chiral Chemistry and Technology, Institute of Electrochemical Engineering and Energy Technology, Hirano Institute for Materials Innovation and Institute for Power Battery Material have also been founded successively since then. SCCE also has two experiment centers including “Hitachi Chemical Research and Development Center” and “Central Analytical Laboratory and Fundamental Chemistry Experiment Center; Shanghai Key Lab of Electric Insulation & Thermal Aging (co-constructed with Shanghai Municipal Electric Power Corporation)”. SCCE has a complete discipline layout, including postdoctoral mobile station for primary chemical discipline, doctor station for primary chemical discipline and secondary applied chemical discipline, master stations for primary chemical discipline, primary chemical engineering and technological discipline, and master stations for chemical engineering. Applied chemistry and Chemical Engineering and Technology are for the undergraduates. Polymeric Chemistry and Physics was selected to be the Shanghai leading academic discipline.

At present, 107faculty members are employed in SCCE, 90% of which hold doctoral degree, and 90% of which obtained their degrees abroad or had oversea research experiences. There are 35 full professors, 1 academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2 double-hired academicians, 1 Global Experts of The Recruitment Program, 1 Chief Scientist of "State 973 Plan Project", 1 Innovation team of the Ministry of Education, 3 Distinguished Professors of "Chang Jiang Scholars Program", 6 winners of the National Outstanding Youth Science Fund, 2 winners of He Liang Hori prize, 13 New Century Excellent Talents of the Ministry of Education in SCCE.

SCCE is dedicated to combining science and engineering together, and balancing the development of fundamental principles and practices. SCCE have achieved continuous success in basic theories and engineering fields. For example, a batch of research findings enjoyed international influences have been made in various fields, including super molecular assembly, chiral chemicals and photoelectric conversion materials. These exciting academic findings are published in “Nature” and “Science”, respectively, which are the first academic paper in corresponding journals published by researchers from Shanghai Jiaotong University as first and/or contact authors. These works also won the second prize of national science and technological achievement. To remove the main hurdle of Chinese chlor-alkali industry, researchers in SCCE developed the key technology of preparing chlor-alkali ion exchange membrane. Corresponding research team was awarded the second prize of national scientific and technological progress. Highly efficient artificial synthesis of artemisinin— an antimalarial drug was also achieved in Zhang’s team of SCCE.


Chemical Engineering and Technology
This major is an engineering program, combining science and engineering, while focusing on the latter, with an emphasis on practice ability and engineering quality. It aims to cultivate professional technology talents, who need mastering the basic theoretical knowledge and experimental skills of modern chemical engineering and technology, and being able to do scientific research, engineering design and management in the chemical engineering and related field.


Applied Chemistry (chemistry and polymer chemistry direction)
This major is a science program combining science and engineering, while focusing on the former. It aims to cultivate high level professional talents of science and technology with a solid foundation of basic chemical knowledge, mastering the experimental skills, and being able to engage in chemical research and design, development and technical management of the chemical products and the polymer materials.


School Evaluation-- The data released by ESI the authoritative analysis and evaluation tool, indicates that the chemistry discipline of Shanghai Jiao Tong University is among the top 1% of the universities all over the world. According to the 2012 world university rankings released by British higher education research institutions--QS company, the two subjects in our school, namely chemistry and chemical engineering and technology, are ranked among the world top 100.


Internationalization -- SCCE has maintained good cooperation and communication with famous foreign universities and institutions for a long-term. Every year, about 20% of the students in the undergraduate stage would go to the first-class universities to study. Including the United States, France, Germany, Japan, South Korea ,et al.. The characteristic projects of SCCE include: "3 + 2", "4 + 1"undergraduate and master joint training project between Shanghai Jiao Tong university and the University of Akron, summer exchange programs between Shanghai Jiao Tong University - the University of Connecticut,exchange programs between Shanghai Jiao Tong University – Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, one of the first Asian campus projects ( China - Japan - Korea, the national 10 projects), etc. Every year, 15 outstanding students would be sponsored by the “President Oversea Award” to study abroad.


Employment - In recent years, more than 55% of the college graduates will go to a world-class university or domestically well-known institutions for further study. The ratio between the number of graduates and the employment demand is 1:4 ~ 1:5. The first year's average salary of SCCE graduates is higher than the average level of SJTU, and at the highest level among those domestically similar colleges and universities. The employment prospect is quite promising, and the employment choice is quite wide. The graduates could get a job in diverse industries, involving chemical industry, new energy industry, financial consulting industry, automobile industry, institutions and IT industry, etc. In addition, the employment situation is relatively stable and is less affected by the financial crisis.


Scholarships and Grants – our school have a complete scholarships and grants funding system. Grants fuinding are 100% covered difficult students, while the scholarship coverage rate of nearly 50%. Our special scholarships have large quantity and high quota, which is above the special scholarship quota of the university.