Numbers of students
Undergraduate students: 273
Graduate students: 460
Total: 733
Equipments and environment
The School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering (SCCE) holds a well-equipped laboratory building, occupying an area up to 20,000square meters, with basic experimental apparatus and world-class instruments valued up to 30 million RMB. A high-quality faculty team composed of experienced members with active academic ideas guaranteed the high quality education of the students for constructing theoretical system and training experimental skills. Widely international exchanges with other institutes of United States, Canada, Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom, Netherlands etc., and thus the international impact of SCCE are ever strengthened.

SCCE offered about 12 courses, including College Chemistry, Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry etc. to the students of SJTU. These courses covered all aspects of chemistry. The total period of these courses is up to 7000 hours per year (including experimental courses for about 3000 students).

Excellent courses and teaching awards
National excellent course
College Chemistry (with experimental)

Excellent course in Shanghai
Organic Chemistry

SJTU’s excellent courses
Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry
Physical Chemistry
Experimental Chemistry

Schools fine-selected courses
Applied Catalysis
Principles of chemical Engineering
Computer Application in Chemistry

Nationwide Top-100 Outstanding Doctoral Dissertations
Gao Chao (2005), Molecule-Design, Preparation, Characterization, and Functionalization of Hyperbranched Polymers
Kong Hao (2007), Functionalization of Multi-walled Carbon Nanotubes by Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization (ATRP)
Zhou Yongfeng (2008), Supramolecular Self-Assembly of Amphiphilic Hyperbranched Multi-Arm Copolymers and Its Applications in Biomembrane-Mimetic Research
Teaching Award
The project, chaired by Prof. Yin Jie, “Exploration and Practice for cultivating high level Ph.D students in the field of polymer materials”, won the second prize of Nationwide Teaching Achievement and the first prize of Shanghai Teaching Achievement .