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Shanghai Jiao Tong University held a commemoration for Prof. Guangxian Xu and Prof. Xiaoxia Gao.


On Nov 14th, 2020, Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) held a commemoration for Prof. Guangxian XU and Prof. Xiaoxia GAO. Their daughter Ms. Fang XU attended the ceremony.

Prof. Xu and Prof. Gao are distinguished alumni of the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering (SCCE), graduating in 1944. On the occasion of the centenary of Prof. Xu’s birth, SCCE, together with Peking University and Prof. Xu’s hometown Shangyu, jointly organized a series of commemorative activities to honor the two academicians. The commemorative activities held at SCCE had four parts: the unveiling of the sculpture of Prof. Xu and Prof. Gao, the naming of Xia-Guang Building, the exhibition of their life story, and commemoration ceremony.

President of SJTU Prof. Zhongqin LIN and Ms. Xu unveiled the name board of Xia-Guang Building and the sculpture that was designed and produced by Prof. Fanqiang KONG. The sculpture is cast in bronze, which shows the vivid bearing of the loving couple. They stand together, looking ahead, showing steadfast determination to serve the country selflessly.

Afterwards, the commemoration ceremony was held in the lecture hall at Xiaguang building.

Executive vice president of SJTU Prof. Kuiling DING pointed out that Prof. Xu and Prof. Gao devoted their life to scientific research and the construction of China. “A hopeful nation cannot live without heroes, and a promising country cannot thrive without pioneers” said Prof. Ding. Prof. Xu and Prof. Gao devoted their whole life to the development of technology and education of their motherland, which fully interpreted the integration of individual fates into the destiny of the country and the nation. 

Ms. Xu talked about the connection between her parents and SJTU, and recalled the life story of the two academicians sincerely. She said that SJTU meant a lot to her family as it was where her parents pursued their higher education and where fate began. They also spent their whole life practicing SJTU’s motto of gratitude and responsibility.

SCCE decided to set up Xia-Guang Scholarship to motivate and sponsor graduates who would be engaged in research and front-line work in key industries, in working at grassroots units and underdeveloped areas, and in pursuing academic careers at top universities and research institutions. Prof. Yongqiang TU, dean of SCCE, and alumni representatives initiated Xia-Guang Scholarship jointly.

Dr. Jian LI, Prof. Yunhui HUANG, student representatives, and Mr. Yongbiao WANG, representative of Shaoxing Shangyu District, and faculties, students and alumni also attended the commemoration.

Translator: Chenyun SUN
Reviser: Xiaoke HU