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Notice on the Declaration of the Dean’s Award for the Undergraduates in SCCE


In order to carry out the internationalization strategy of our university  and also to promote the communication and study of our undergraduates in the best universities in overseas  (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan area), and abide by the General Provisions of Scholarship Management on the Projects for undergrauates who study abroad in Shanghai Jiao Tong University (for Trial Implementation), SCCE formulated the evaluation and regulation method of the dean’s award for the undergraduates who want to study abroad, depend on  the principle of being fair, impartial and open.
First. Tenet
Through selecting outstanding students in study and conducts, who also have keen interest and aspirate ambition in their major to study abroad (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan area) in the best universities, we aim to broaden students’ horizon and enhance their consciousness of innovation, ability of research and international competitiveness, so as to promote the multi-culture communication.

Second. Management Organization
The daily managements and implements of this project were in the charge of Student Office.
Third: Measures for Implementation
1. The freshmen can apply for the scholarship in the second semester and there is a public defense review once a year and offered 10-15 quotas each time.
2. The winner can get acquire 15000 yuan RMB as the overseas study funding, and they can receive the reimbursement after they end their study abroad. The reimbursement is not in cash format. Before going abroad, our school will provide the certificate of sponsorship, and the expenses are paid by students themselves firstly and when they came back, our school will pay them back. 15000 yuan RMB at most mainly including traveling expenses, accommodation expenses and insurance expenses.
3. Students who got the sponsorship can study abroad in the following forms: ① the international cooperation projects with  our school, such as the project with UCONN, Akron, UIUC, UCLA, Leuven and so on. ② Overseas project in SJTU. ③ Students should be recommended by their tutor or autonomously contact with the relevant organizations. The study period should last no less than a month and they should get the permission of our school.
4. Time of validity of the sponsorship: it applies in the study period of students in SCCE. If the sponsored students don’t take part in any overseas project, the sponsorship will be lapsed automatically, but the award remains. If the sponsored students changed their school rolls into other schools, the sponsorship will be lapsed and the honor will become invalid.
Four. Qualifications of application
1.The one who has Chinese nationality, loves socialist country, and possesses good political and professional quality without any record of breaking the law or the rules;
2. The full-time freshman  students should pass the class exams and get the recommendation;
3. The students should be excellent in character and learning. They should be in the first 30 percent in their major without any failed subject records.
4. The students should have high comprehensive quality: being enthusiastic about public welfare and collective activities, taking an active part in social works, and possessing good language ability for communication, and have the experience of scientific research. The one who gets recommendation can get prior consideration.
Firth. Form of Application and Admission
1. Proposal Form: students who have the intention should register on their teacher’s list. the class committee chooses the recommended students.the recommended ones need fill in an application form ( see appendix 1) and send it to the Students’ Office.
2. Acceptance Time for Application: the deadline is March, 10,2014.
3. Way of Evaluation and Admission: the Students’ Office will call relevant teachers to form the evaluation group.  interview the applicants and enroll those who are outstanding select.
Sixth. The Students’ Office of SCCE has the privilege  to interpret this notice.



Appendix 1_ the application form of the dean’s award for the excellent undergraduates who go to study overseas of SCCE in SJTU.doc

Appendix 2_ the name list of the students who apply for the dean’s award to study abroad.xlsx