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Recruitment of High-level Talents at Home and Abroad


SCCE is one of the schools which enjoyed rapid development of SJTU. Now there are 150 teachers in our school, including one academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, three double-hired academicians, six scholars who won the award of national outstanding youth science foundation, three specially appointed professors of Chang jiang Scholars Program, one chief scientist of the 973 Plan, one member of the Thusand Talents Plan. In recent years, our school put much attention to the construction of the talent team. In order to carry out the strategic guideline of talents developing strategy, on the basis of our ambitious goal of building the world-class university, and also considering the program of Thousand Talents Plan carried out by the Organization Department of the Central Committee of CPC, SCCE plans to recruit high-level talents at home and abroad.
Ⅰ. The Long-term Project and Short-term Project of the Thousand Talents Plan
1. No more than 50 years of age;
2. To obtain overseas doctorate in chemistry, macromolecule, chemical engineering and other related fields .
3. To hold a post as a professor or a certain charge in some famous overseas universities, scientific research institutes or laboratories.
4. To possess the world-class research ability, and have published  some influential academic papers in the important periodicals, or won important international awards in science and technology or mastered the key technology of some significant experiments and construction of science and technology.
Ⅱ. The Recruitment Program of Global Youth Experts
1. No more than 40 full years of age;
2. To obtain overseas or domestic doctorate in chemistry, macromolecule, chemical engineering and other related fields ;
3. The one who obtains overseas doctorate should have at least 3 years’ working experience; the one who obtains domestic doctorate should have at least 5 years’ working experience abroad;
4. To have official experience of teaching or holding a post in a famous overseas university or some research institutions before returning to China( came to China).
5. The top-notch personnel over their peers in  their scientific research field, who has the potential to become the academic or technological foregoer in their field.
Ⅲ. Others
The applicants should send their English resume, the list of their published paper, five representative papers or works (within five years), certificate of participation, three recommendation letters from overseas counterpart experts ( only for those who apply for the recruitment program of global youth experts) to yuedong@sjtu.edu.cn
Contact:  Mr. Dong Yue
Telephone: ++86-21-54743179  E-mail: yuedong@sjtu.edu.cn
Address: No. 800 Dongchuan RD. Minhang District, Shanghai, China, School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, SJTU